William Grayson: 1736-1790


A  history covering the pre-revolution life of William Grayson, discussing  his remarkable  accomplishments as a member of the House of Burgess,  House of Delegates, Continental Congress, Colonel in the Continental  Army, aide de camp to George Washington, his close friend and neighbor.  Grayson was elected to the First Federal Congress as Virginia's first  Senator along with Richard Henry Lee.

Poppelsdorfer Allee


An  ancestor of the Tellenbrock's fights for Charlemagne and the First  Reich. The Tellenbrock's lives are sprinkled with the genes of the  Teutonic Knights, intertwined with the evolution of a great nation, from  Franks, Brandenburg, Prussia, then unification of the small kingdoms  into modern day Germany. This is a story of violent upheaval war and  conquest, love and German precipitation into WWI in 1914, a war that  ends with a grossly unfair Versailles Treaty. Endure dramatic  experiences of 1938 with the granddaughter of Hermann Tellenbrock as the  world explodes into WWII. Relive trauma as Hitler leads Germany into  war and witness the tragedies that involve the Tellenbrock's and  Germany. Dishonor and deceit come shockingly from those considered  ultimately honorable. See how a fortune is lost to greed when Hermann  Tellenbrock's heirs, the two little girls are cheated of their  inheritance

by an opportunistic upstart who marries into the Tellenbrock family

Dark Before Dawn


117 brave English men and women land on Roanoke Island in 1587, to become  involved in incredible adventure and hardships in attempting to  establish a colony on the coast of Virginia in the name of their queen.   This foolhardy group are known historically as, “The Lost Colony” after  a massive massacre by the united tribes under Indian Chief Powhatan’s  powerful Confederation.

Prior  to the massacre, part of the settlement escaped before the killings,  making a long trek to the friendly Croatoan Indians into whose tribe  they blended and intermarried.  Centuries later many of their  descendants still bear the names of the original settlers and seek  recognition of their troubled heritage. 

William Grayson: Speeches & Letters


“William Grayson was a great man,” so says Professor Jon Kukla, an historian with many outstanding books to his credit.

      It has been a sincere pleasure to investigate every aspect of William  Grayson’s life and to be known as his biographer.  I would be his  advocate and admirer whether related to him or not. 

     Such were the events in our Revolution that heroes were created  out of  great and ordinary circumstances.  This was an era where Americans  suffered and died for the belief that freedom was obtainable and a  remarkable country could be born out of the sacrifice  of millions of  believers.

      William Grayson had problems and enemies.  He may have judged his  mentors harshly before the reached the peaceful understanding that in  the newness of all that transited around him, no one  had the right  answers to every situation, a battle plan that would not fail or be  judged  as errant and compromise was as necessary as balance.

      Throughout his life William Grayson kept his integrity and honorable  values in everything he did. No wonder he turned his greatest worries  inwardly and suffered from an affliction of the blood that led him to an  early grave. 

      No longer unknown in the pantheon of American History and specifically  in the history of the great state of Virginia, William Grayson  takes  his place proudly.  He will be honored forever as a giant in America’s  fight for freedom and the establishment of the finest Constitution  mankind is capable of forming.

Sincerely, Lucy Baker, a great, great, great great Granddaughter of William Grayson.

Hat Changers


The  four children of William and Eleanor Grayson became orphans in 1790.  Having few resources to rely on, no help from their uncles James Monroe  or Spence Grayson, and with all the Grayson properties on long leases,  and no cash, they made a remarkable decision,to load up their personal  belongings, dismiss their servants who had been manumitted by their  famous father's will and to head for the wilderness of the western  nation.  What becomes of the three sons and one daughter is the  substance of this tale.