Paperback:  194 pages of text with 75 pages of color illustrations.   There are descriptions of which part of the specimen is poisonous and  the treatment, bodily effects of poison, and cures. 


Two women visit  the island of St. Helen only to be met with unbelievable experiences,  some in the realm of outright horror. To their delight they meet the  "bar scouts" who are heroes in every disaster. The island government is  in chaos, natural disasters strike and a monumental disaster at the  airport signals extraordinary changes for the island paradise. One woman  opts to stay and invest in the island, the other wisely decides all  those problems are not for her.

479 pages


Senta  Smith, a successful lawyer, and jason her brother, who is having  problems, take their terminally ill father Jeremiah to an extraordinary  island where inhabitants live in an atmosphere of spirituality and  miracles. Patients and islanders alike are cured of every imbalance by  dream therapy, angel assisted surgery, and special healing at the temple  where Father Cabis and the lady Scouris have been since they came to  the island with the boy king Kaululoan, 100 years earlier. Visitors want  to remain in the beauty of the self-sufficient, where a sense of  belonging and community is unsurpassed. The mystery and secrets of the  island are finally disclosed and some of our favorite people are healed  and even find love, amid the interaction of angels and arc-angels who  have made the island their special project. 337 pages


 Text describes bird habitats, mating rituals, nest building, migration  habits, flight pattern, preening, coloring, care of young, fledging,  chance of survival, favorite foods and geographical territories.  Extensive original watercolor illustrations. 248 pages 


Everything you ever wanted to know about Caribbean fish, with numerous watercolor original illustrations.

187 pages.