Secrets of Lost River


A  family moves into a haunted house where there have been previous  connections. Slowly the love and sharing between the husband and wife  deteriorates, the children begin to be bothered by ghostly apparitions  and have dreadful nightmares. The husband deserts the family, the  American Indian grandfather steps in to share his vast knowledge and  help his daughter solve the mystery in the tunnel that leads to the  underground river beneath the house.



Senta  Smith, a successful lawyer, and Jason, her brother who is problematic,  take their terminally ill father Jeremiah, to an extraordinary island  where inhabitants live in an atmosphere of high spirituality and  miracles.  Patients and islanders alike are cured of every imbalance, by  dream therapy, angel assisted surgery, and special healing at the  temple where Father Cabis and Lady Scouris have been  for a hundred  years, having accompanied the boy king, Kauloloan into exile.  Visitors  want to remain forever in the beauty of the self-sufficient island,  where a sense of healing community and belonging is unsurpassed.  The  mystery and secrets of the island are finally disclosed to our favorite  guests, some of whom are permanently healed and a few even find love  amid the interaction of angels and archangels, who have made the island a  special earthly project.  The Screenplay of my book was highly praised  by “DreamWorks.)

The Superstitions


Mery  finally agrees to accompany her new friend Lizzy to retrieve the gold  hidden there a hundred years ago when two brothers robbed a train and  escaped with gold. The haunted, mysterious, deadly Superstitions reject  much of what the women try to accomplish and punish them severely. The  caravan of men and animals is drastically reduced by torturous means and  few survive. The mountain is sacred to the Apaches, but who is  committing the horrors?